The Discovrē

The Discovrē Carry System™ is proudly made in the USA with top-quality, American-made materials, including injection-molded engineering-grade polymers for the field-tough carrier and fade-and water-resistant polyester strapping for the shoulder harnesses.

Discovrē Carry System

Your sidearm and holster work together for your security.

The Discovrē Sidearm Carry System™ offers quality, versatility, proper retention, reliability, and comfort.

The Discovrē is perfect for:

CCW’s Discovrē Carry System™ enables you to experiment—to discover—what and how you want to carry. Shoulder harness? Outside the waistband? The holster is adjustable to securely fit a wide variety of sidearms. The holster and all its accessories are fully ambidextrous. Experiment to determine what works best for you and your sidearms!

The Discovrē Carry System™ will hold most, if not all, of your sidearms, and it offers a variety of modes of carry as well as angles of carry.

You’ll find a friend in the Discovrē Carry System™ with a holster that with simple adjustments fits most popular sidearms.  There’s a database with guides for adjustment for more than 100 sidearms—and we’re adding to it regularly.

Multi-gun owners may spend hundreds of dollars and lots of time looking for the right holster for each new sidearm. Result: a box or closet full of holsters to sort through, many of which remain unused – money that could be spent on a new sidearm!

Available Discovrē Carry System features:

Discover American Quality.

Manufactured in The United States, using American-made materials.

The field-tough carrier is injection-molded with engineering-grade polymers. The shoulder harnesses are made from fade-and-water-resistant polyester strapping.

Versatility & Custom Retention Levels

The Discovrē Carry System offers versatility. Experiment with carry modes and retention levels!

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