The Full Monty

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Bundle for big-time savings! With the Full Monty, you have the maximum savings and maximum versatility.

The Full Monty includes: 

  • Basic Holster with lock assemblies for four levels of retention (waist attachment included)
  • Chest Harness
  • Light Sidearm Shoulder Harness
  • Heavy Sidearm Shoulder Harness
  • Waist tie-downs with Suspender Clips

Product Information

45% of gun show buyers opt for the Full Monty package because it offers:

  • $103 savings over buying components separately
  • Concealed or open carry for hundreds of sidearms, large or small
  • A variety of carry modes (waist, shoulder, chest)
  • 360° cant control on all accessories
  • Waist tie-downs with suspender clips (more options than belt loops).

For detailed information on all components, see Product Descriptions for the Basic Holster, the Chest Harness, the Heavy Sidearm Shoulder Harness, and the Light Sidearm Shoulder Harness.

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