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Customers clamored for this chest-carry harness!  Motorcycle riders.  Ranchers.  Hunters.  Outdoor people in general, as well as pilots and people in wheelchairs.

It includes:  

Product Information

The Outdoorsman’s Chest Carry Harness is perfect for open carry, and in some cases, can be concealed under a jacket or other front-opening loose garment.  The adjustable harness is made in the USA of Mil-Std 1½ inch strapping.  It features four amazing Swivi Locksters® that move 120° with your body for more comfort and better fit.  You need to operate only one of these buckles to quickly put on or remove the harness.  Only the Discovrē Chest Carry Harness offers the opportunity to comfortably and securely carry hundreds of sidearms with 360° cant control, full ambidexterity, sidearm center of gravity control, and grip reach control.   

Good news!  You save $50 over the cost of buying the two components separately. 

The Discovrē Database

The Discovrē Carry System™ provides you with thousands of options when deciding what sidearm to carry and how to carry it.