Little Buddy

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Perfect for smaller sidearms like 380s to mid-size 9 mils, and also less-lethal sidearms like Tasers and Pepper Guns.

The Little Buddy Package includes: 

  • Basic Holster with lock assemblies for four levels of retention (waist attachment included)
  • Light Sidearm Shoulder Harness

Product Information

Save $44 over separately purchased components with The Little Buddy Package

If you only carry the lighter stuff, this is the package we designed for you!

Little Buddy has delighted many customers who prefer a smaller sidearm.  It’s light, comfortable, provides the security you need in today’s environment, and still provides the cant control and center-of-gravity adjustment of the Heavy Sidearm Shoulder Harness.  The holster fits most popular small to medium sidearms.  See our database for some we have confirmed.

For detailed information on the components, see the Basic Holster and Light Sidearm Shoulder Harness product descriptions.

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