Light Sidearm Shoulder Harness

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The Discovrē Light Sidearm Shoulder Harness is perfect for open or concealed carry of small, light sidearms up to medium weight semi’s or revolvers.  An example of an upper weight limit, based on user input, is a S&W 9mm Equalizer semiauto with a 13 round magazine.

USA-made components will provide many years of service:

  • 1” Black Mil-Spec Berry compliant webbing with 1200 pound minimum break strength.  The improved Gen2 design has longer webbing to accommodate heavy clothing and big frames.
  • Duckbill tension locks
  • Dual Sternum Strap Adjuster (acting as the crosspatch).
  • Qwik Slip keepers
  • Discovrē 7-position cant-adjustable mounting paddle

Product Information

The Light Sidearm Shoulder Harness is a simple, easy to adjust and wear solution for open or concealed shoulder carry.  It’s for those who are inconvenienced or put-off by full-blown balanced shoulder harnesses, especially when only carrying a smaller sidearm that doesn’t need lots of support.  It can usually be worn without a tiedown (optional) and so can be very quick to don and remove. A Discovrē mounting paddle assures complete ambidexterity, center of gravity, grip reach and cant control.

Its narrow and thin Mil-Spec, Berry Amendment compliant webbing (meaning completely made in the US) was selected to reduce show-through with typical light civilian clothing while providing good comfort.  The harness is designed for concealed carry with an open-front cover garment, so it has no chest strap.  The 1200 pound breaking strength of the webbing helps prevent aggressor “snatching”.  The improved Gen2 version of the harness has longer webbing to accommodate large-framed people and open carry over winter clothing.

The offside (non-weapon side) of the harness is a simple loop in the 1” main strap that the user puts their shooting-hand arm through.  We designed it this way for simplicity of adjustment.  Our field tests of prototypes, later confirmed by our users, proves that by limiting this harness to lighter weapons, the strap is wide and smooth enough to be comfortable for most people through a long day.  Incidentally, the assembled harness is hand washable in warm soapy water followed by air drying.

Buckles, keepers, and the cross patch (Dual Sternum Strap Adjuster) are USA built, and connect the generously long 104″ single strap via a two-buckle arrangement that allows the user maximum flexibility in harness adjustments.

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