Heavy Sidearm Shoulder Harness

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The Discovrē Heavy Sidearm Shoulder Harness is perfect for open or concealed carry of moderate to heavy sidearms.  The improved Gen2 design has longer webbing to accommodate heavy clothing and big frames.

USA-made components will provide many years of service:

  • 1” Black Mil-Spec Berry compliant webbing with 1200 pound minimum break strength.
  • 1-1/2” elastic tie-down webbing, woven in the USA
  • Duckbill tension locks
  • Dual Sternum Strap Adjuster
  • Qwik Slip keepers
  • Discovrē 7-position cant-adjustable mounting paddles

Product Information

The Discovrē Heavy Sidearm Shoulder Harness is a balanced load-distributing fully ambidextrous design that takes much of the weight of a larger sidearm away from the weapon-side shoulder and shares it with the opposite shoulder and waist.

Medium to large sized revolvers, medium weight semiauto’s through double-stack Glocks, and even Desert Eagles, are reported as comfortable to carry by our users.  The key to comfort is load redistribution by the 1-1/2” polyester heavy woven elastic tie-down straps with suspender clips and for some, the removable shoulder pads.

We chose suspender clips over the more traditional belt loop because they fasten to a garment waist as well as medium-thickness belts.  They also allow attaching to other parts of a garment, such as the back pocket and, of course, don’t require a belt at all.  This added flexibility allows you to finely tune the grip position of large weapons, control show through, and “flopping”.  The tie-down webbing is relatively stiff, but is rated for 60% elongation.  We carefully chose this material because it provides a great balance between traditional non-stretching tie-downs that pull up hard against the user if adjusted too tight and allow too much “flopping” when adjusted to allow freedom of movement.

The main harness’s narrow and relatively thin Mil-Spec and Berry compliant webbing (meaning completely made in the US) was selected to reduce show-through with typical civilian clothing while providing good comfort.  The harness is designed for concealed carry with an open-front cover garment so has no chest strap.  The 1200 pound breaking strength of the webbing helps prevent aggressor “snatching”.  The improved Gen2 version of the harness has longer webbing to accommodate large-framed people and open carry over winter clothing.

Twin Discovrē mounting paddles assure complete ambidexterity, center of gravity, grip reach and cant control.  They provide the ability to carry two weapons, or to attach other items to the non-weapon paddle.  The inventor, who lives in a state that allows only one concealed firearm, sometimes carries his 1911A1 45 ACP on his left and a pepper gel pistol on the other side, providing a means for choosing a more appropriate degree of disparity of force when conditions permit.  He has no concealment issues while using a light open front shirt or wind breaker.  CCW is developing accessories, such as a universal magazine carrier, that will attach to the non-weapon side.

Buckles, keepers and the cross patch (Dual Sternum Strap Adjuster) are USA built, and connect the two generously long 58″ main straps via a four-buckle arrangement that allows the user maximum flexibility in harness adjustments.

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The Discovrē Carry System™ provides you with thousands of options when deciding what sidearm to carry and how to carry it.