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The Discovrē Carry System™ Chest Harness is proudly made in the USA with top-quality American-made materials including injection-molded polymers and field-tough Mil-Spec strapping.

Exceptionally well-suited for quick access to non-concealed medium to large sidearms.  Its great for outdoor sports, ranchers, long-haul drivers, high-risk security personnel and Special Operators.  


Product Information

The Discovre Carry System™ Chest Harness is the latest innovation from CCW.  It broadens the versatility of the system to include non-concealed carry possibilities for hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, motorcycling, bike riding, aviation, etc..  Ranchers, bear-country workers, high-risk ops security personnel and private operators have found it very useful.

Made to field-service standards with 1-1/2″ Mil-Spec webbing and US-made components, the harness is equipped with our proprietary seven-position holster mounting plate and four patented Swivi Lockster® connectors.  The mounting plate provides unprecedented control of sidearm center of gravity, cant, and grip reach.  The four Swivi Locksters® enable 120 degrees of automatic strapping alignment that assures a perfect fit to your profile with no buckling or pressure points.  The Swivi Lockster’s® thumb-operated large center press release buttons are very durable and easily operated with gloves during cold weather.

Webbing is provided in generous lengths to accommodate large people with heavy jackets.  Removable strapping end keepers are sewn on, not glued or welded.  This allows those who don’t require as much webbing to shorten it neatly and replace the keepers by sewing, gluing or heat staking.  The assembled harness may be washed in warm soapy water, then air dried.

The Discovre Holster is attached via its Thin or Thick Adapter Plates with one screw and two external-tooth lock washers that are provided in the Holster’s Accessory Package.

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The Discovrē Carry System™ provides you with thousands of options when deciding what sidearm to carry and how to carry it.