Basic Holster

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The ambidextrous Basic Holster kit provides everything that’s needed to securely carry thousands of sidearms on your waist.  The package contains:

  • Fully adjustable Carrier (holster)
  • Waist Attachment
  • Accessory Package
  • Guide to extensive web-based training videos, instruction manual, and fitting database.

Proudly made in the USA with top-quality American-made materials.  It includes patented breakthrough features not available in other sidearm carrier designs.


  • The uniquely shaped side panels accept most semi-auto’s, revolvers, pistol-shaped tasers and chemical defense devices.
  • A locking width adjustment feature with a wide range from approximately .7 to 1.4 inches.
  • Retention function provided for adjustable friction, single motion lock, double motion lock and freeze-lock modes.

Product Information

The Discovrē Basic Holster is proudly made in the USA with top-quality American-made materials, including field tough injection-molded polymers used in military-grade weapons and load-bearing mechanics.

It includes several patented breakthrough features not available in other sidearm carriers.

With this fully ambidextrous Basic Holster you have all that’s needed to securely carry thousands of sidearms on your waist.

It adjusts to a different sidearm in a few moments to carry semi-auto’s, revolvers and many less-lethal pistol-shaped devices (Tasers, pepper spray, etc.).  The kit contains all the parts needed to fit thousands of sidearms.  No special parts are needed to adjust to a particular sidearm.

Many lights and lasers attached to the front rail of a semi-auto can be accommodated.  Just a small portion of the front of the weapon’s trigger guard must be available for contact with the holster’s fitting parts.

Most optics mounted on top of a semi-auto behind the ejection port are easily accommodated.

Its side-opening design allows draw and recovery in two directions, up or back.

The Waist Attachment is designed for good stability when used with a quality gun belt (not included) of up to 1-3/4″ width and moderate thickness.

The Holster and included Accessory Package contain every part needed to install all four levels of retention:

  • Level 1 – friction only (no lock)
  • Level 2 – single-motion rotary lock
  • Level 3 – two-stage aggressor-resistant rotary lock
  • Level 4 – lock freeze feature for temporary storage

Level 2 and 3 locks may be assembled with a single or double tab release lever.  Both are included.

Locks are operated by your trigger finger and are ergonomically correct for quick and natural operation.

The Accessory Package includes many spare parts.

The holster carries a field adjustment wrench and a backup wrench.

Two included 360 degree cant control connector/adapters also enable use of other Discovre products.

The Discovrē Database

The Discovrē Carry System™ provides you with thousands of options when deciding what sidearm to carry and how to carry it.