Tie Down Strap

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12″ long 1 – 1/2″ Polyester heavy woven in USA elastic strap with Grip Clip suspender clip and Heavy Duty Slip Lock.  All parts are tactical black.

Product Information

The Tactical Black Tie Down Strap is sewn to the Grip Clip using rugged double-bar stitching.  The woven in USA heavy elastic strap is moderately stiff with stretch rated at 60% +/- 10%.  A USA-made 1-1/2″ Heavy Duty Slip Lock is included.

The assembly is washable in warm water and mild detergent and should be air dried.

Common uses include replacement of tie-downs for the Heavy Sidearm Shoulder Harness, a supplemental strap for the Light Sidearm Shoulder Harness and as anti-fly hold-downs for the Chest Carry Harness.  Joggers, hikers, hunters and pilots who wear parachutes are known to apply the straps for anti-fly purposes.

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