August 14, 2022

Discovre’s Database Continues to Grow!

Judy and I have been practically living on the road while introducing the Discovrē Sidearm Carry System to tens of thousands in the Southwest US. By the end of 2021, we will have attended at least nine of the larger Southwest gun shows ranging West to East from Wickenburg AZ to Dallas TX and North to South from Rio Rancho, NM to Las Cruces, NM. As of October 25, 2021, we have displayed, explained, and sold “First 500” Discovrē packages and in many cases fit or taught a new Discovrē owner how to fit to a sidearm. When time allows […]
August 14, 2022

Discovrē Owners Finding Hacks

Now there are enough Discovrē Sidearm Carry System packages in the hands of customers that ways to take advantage of its remarkable versatility more fully are being discovered by real users like you. As the inventor of the system, I’m gratified that the creativity of our customers is now coming into play in ways that never occurred to me during the six-year development cycle. One Discovrē owner has a very wide semiauto (no custom holsters currently available) that she wants to carry at Level 1 (friction retention only). The Discovrē accessory package contains a ¼” spanner wrench, self-locking nuts, and […]
August 14, 2022

The Big Leap – Discovrē’s Molds

How do we make all those really tough injection-molded (hint) parts? We have molds built by a highly skilled mold-making company.  If you’ve never seen what it takes to make a little polymer part, read on! Those who possess a Discovrē system will have a sense of scale when looking at the pictures of the molds that make its polymer parts.  The blue mold (Figure 1, not really blue, but the illustration is colored to help visually separate parts) makes the larger parts.  It is about 26 inches square.  The illustration only shows about half of the mold so you […]
August 5, 2022

Making the Discovrē

Autodesk’s Fusion 360®CAD/CAM software was applied for more than 1500 hours to create the Discovrē Carry System™ (DCS.)  Fusion 360® output was used to evaluate manufacturability, accomplish stress analyses, and create production files for hundreds of 3D functional prototypes that were used for design confirmation, engineering analysis and field testing. Manufacturing doesn’t always start with making a part.  It often starts with designing the tooling that makes the part.  There are three lock shafts included in the Discovrē Carry System™, each a different length.  They are made from commercially available high-grade hex keys (Allen wrenches).  To change hex keys into lock […]