About Us

The Discovrē Carry System™ was born from a challenge to Pete to design a sidearm carrier that could accommodate a large variety of sidearms. The name is derived from the first three letters of the last name of the owners of CCW, LLC, Pete and Judy Vredenburg.

Get to Know Us

CCW, LLC is co-owned and operated by Judy and Pete Vredenburg of Tijeras, NM. Both are members of the National Rifle Association, the New Mexico Shooting Sports Association, the New Mexico Gun Collectors Association, and the Single Action Shooting Society and have held CCW licenses in New Mexico since 2007.

They have two sons, four grandchildren and three great grandchildren. 

Judy runs the business and customer service side of CCW. She’s a licensed sailplane pilot, and has had careers as a teacher, an editor, and an education coordinator for a New Mexico archaeological site museum. She actively supports events related to shooting, aviation, and astronomy and is employed by the U.S.D.A Forest Service as a Resource Assistant for Cultural Interpretation.

Judy and Pete with Bulldog

Judy and Pete with Bulldog, their Schweizer 1-26 sailplane.

"Granny Getchergun"

Granny Getchergun (Judy) at End of Trail, Founders Ranch, NM

Pete is a retired general business and manufacturing quality manager and an Air Force Combat Photographer veteran with Viet Nam duty. His interests include sailplane competition flying, amateur astronomy, competitive shooting, and community service.

CCW got its start in 2014 via a challenge by an acquaintance of Pete’s. Pete was retired and had taken up amateur leatherworking.  The challenge was to create a “universal holster” that would accommodate a large variety of sidearms, including revolvers and semiautomatics.  Pete, who holds an obscure engineering degree and is a bit literal minded, refused the challenge because he, like most sidearm enthusiasts, had seen many holsters that claimed to be “universal” but really were either simple cloth carriers with little retention or longevity, or higher-grade designs that generally required sidearm-specific parts or shells to adapt to a generic base.

The holster shape that might meet this challenge came to Pete in a dream!  This was the first “discovery” or, to use the first three letters of his last name, Discovrē. 

The challenge was to create a “universal holster” that would accommodate a large variety of sidearms, including revolvers and semiautomatics.

He took it from there, figuring out how to secure sidearms within that shape.  It soon became evident other people would find this unique carrier useful. He and Judy set about to invent and plan a package—a system with a carrier that accommodates a wide variety of popular sidearms with everything needed to enable a person to experiment with various modes of sidearm carry. Four levels of retention were built into the design adding a security factor and setting the Discovrē Carry System™ apart from so-called “universal” holsters. They applied for a US Patent in April 2018; the patent was awarded July 16, 2019, with all twenty claims approved!

Judy’s multi-year experience as a management consultant, educator, facilitator of quality improvement teams, competition shooter, and concealed carry practitioner, combined with Pete’s quality assurance background, assure they provide a safe, reliable and durable product.

CCW LLC strives to provide versatile quality products that improve the experience for all gun enthusiasts. We look forward to serving you.

The CCW Discovrē Carry System

Discovrē—the ONLY concealed carry holster you may ever need! The Discovrē Carry System™ offers VERSATILITY. Experiment with carry modes and retention levels.