Features that Provide Versatility

It’s not just a holster; it’s a system with multiple options for what you carry and how you carry.

The Discovrē Carry System™ offers a variety of carry modes and four user-selected retention options for your safety and security.  Experiment with carry modes and retention levels.  Create a system that works for YOU! Other features include:

  • Ambidextrous carrier and waist attachment with cant adjustment
  • Simple shoulder harness for lightweight sidearms
  • Balanced shoulder harness for heavier sidearms
  • Chest Carry harness for open carry activities
  • Harnesses adjust for cant, center of gravity, and grip positioning

Discover American Quality.

Manufactured in the United States using American-made materials.

The field-tough carrier is injection-molded with engineering-grade polymers.  Harnesses are made from Military Spec fade-and-water-resistant polyester strapping.

The Discovrē Carry System features:

The Discovrē Carry System offers versatility. Experiment with carry modes and retention levels!

Events & Shows

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